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What is Adaptive Steering?

Adaptive Steering has been designed to help you feel more in control of your car. Using the foundations of power steering, Ford have created a new kind of system which makes it easier to manoeuvre at low speeds, while at higher speeds it makes the vehicle response smoother and more connected. The Adaptive element of this technology allows for a more controlled and intelligent drive.

This technology monitors driver activity, so how the vehicle is being driven, and then optimises the steering ratio to the vehicle’s speed. If you are travelling at a low speed and manoeuvring slowly, the Adaptive Steering will activate to ensure turns of the wheel are minimised. If you are travelling at a high speed, Adaptive Steering will ensure that the car turns more smoothly. There are two settings to further increase driving pleasure – Normal and Sport. Normal mode makes every day driving more fun, while Sport mode creates a more responsive and engaging drive. These settings allow you to personalise your level of vehicle engagement, tailoring the drive to you to make it more enjoyable.
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