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Ford BlueCruise


Our vision for the future just accelerated with Ford BlueCruise, our latest innovation in Advanced Driver Assistance technology – the first of its kind in Europe. Mustang Mach-E owners can now enter a new era of mobility, and be the first to experience L2 hands-free driving in designated ‘Blue Zones’.

Leave a Impression Advanced Features Turn the music up, enjoy watching the miles go by and arrive at your destination less stressed. Ford BlueCruise unlocks a new world of driving convenience
Driver Comfort Safety For your safety and peace of mind, we’ve rigorously tested our Ford BlueCruise technology over 100,000 miles
For Everyday Driving 90 Day Free Trial We think the convenience of driving with Ford BlueCruise speaks for itself. So we’re giving you the opportunity to try it free for 90 days
Upgraded Connectivity The world of Advanced Driver Assistance technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace. So, we’ll update Ford BlueCruise maps automatically over-the-air
Peace of Mind Driver Safety If the system detects inattention, warning messages are displayed in the instrument cluster, followed by audible alerts, brake activations, and finally slowing of the vehicle while maintaining steering control. Similar actions are performed if the driver fails to place their hands back on the steering wheel when prompted when leaving a Blue Zone.
Modernised Wrapped in Tech Over 95% of the country’s motorways are designated Ford Blue Zones, where Ford BlueCruise can be activated upon entering. With automatic updates enabled and completed, your vehicle will have the latest Blue Zone routes.