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What is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?

It’s always important to keep your tyres at the correct pressure, to help you save fuel, preserve your tyres and help keep you safe. A tyre that is not correctly inflated can have an impact on the handling and stopping performance of your vehicle.

The Ford Tyre Pressure Monitoring System consists of built in sensors that are constantly monitoring the tyre pressure of each individual tyre to make sure it is within its optimum range. If any tyre pressure falls below this range, the system will alert you via a warning on the dashboard, so you can pull over, check it, and either re-inflate the tyre or change the wheel.


How does it work?

Within the valve assembly of each tyre is a small sensor that monitors the pressure of that tyre. The tyre pressure information is communicated to the on-board computer system which consistently monitors all tyres. The monitoring system can identify a puncture early, so before setting out on the road, serious injury or damage to the tyres can be prevented as the driver knows to check the tyres before facing the effects whilst driving.
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