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What is the Lane-Keeping System?

The Lane-Keeping System uses a forward-looking camera mounted behind the windshield’s rear-view mirror, and it detects if you are drifting out of your lane by monitoring road lane markings. Lane Keeping Alert will warn you of the drifting by vibrating the steering wheel and giving you a visual warning. The system will not automatically return the vehicle to its lane but is intended to alert the driver to take appropriate action. If you don’t respond or are slow in reacting, the Lane Keeping Aid can provide steering torque assistance to guide you safely back into the right lane. No warning would be given if the direction indicators are in use, as the system identifies that the driver is intended to depart the current lane.

When should it be used?

This technology is designed for multi-lane roads (highways and motorways), so the Lane-Keeping System will only become available above 43mph. If the camera can detect one lane marking, the system will function. The camera is deliberately situated within the area cleared by the windscreen wipers, but if its view of the road is obscured by mud or fog, the system will not be able to detect lane markings. It has been designed to assist the driver in avoiding accidents as lane departures are quite frequent. The impact in an accident on high-speed roads can be severe, so this technology hopes to assist in reducing the number of accidents and serious injuries from lane-changing collisions.
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