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New Ford KA+

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Driving Experience
Whether you're running around town or cruising the motorway, the new KA+ is always responsive and fun to drive. Inside, it's full of clever technologies that make life easier and can even help cut the cost of driving.
  • Headlights that turn on automatically when needed - use a sensor that detects failing light at dusk, or a sudden change in light conditions. This triggers the automatic headlights to turn themselves on, making driving easier.
  • Less tiring, more economical journeys - cruise control with Adjustable Speed Limiter helps keep your vehicle within a pre-set speed limit of your choice. It can save you fuel, minimise the chance of you speeding and, like all cruise control systems, allows you to maintain your chosen speed.
  • Sensors that take the stress out of parking - parking distance sensors help you judge the distance between your vehicle and obstacles behind you. When the sensors detect an object, they activate an audible warning that intensifies the closer you get to it.
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Performance & Efficiency
You'll find driving the New KA+ and KA+ Active as enjoyable as it is economical. The new 1.2-litre petrol engine improves fuel efficiency. While Auto-Start-Stop can cut your fuel consumption by as much as 10%. Long service intervals of every two years or 18,000 miles make life easier, too.
  • Use less fuel with Auto Start-Stop - when you stop at traffic lights or your vehicle is idling in a queue, this technology can automatically switch off the engine (while still supplying power to essentials). When you're ready to move, just depress the clutch and select first gear as usual, or press the accelerator on an automatic, and the system restarts.
  • The New KA+ looks after your fuel and your pocket - powering the KA+ is an advanced new 1.2-litre petrol engine, with manual 5-speed transmission. Improved torque, even in a low rev band, delivers excellent performance and a better driving experience all round.
  • More fuel-efficient gear changes - a Shift Indicator Light on the instrument panel tells you when to change gear for maximum fuel efficiency. It's a simple but effective way to help make every journey more economical.
  • Essential journey information - an on-board trip computer gives you useful facts and figures about your mileage, fuel consumption, speed and the outside air temperature.
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  • A warning behind when you brake sharply - the emergency brake light system flashes the brake lights to warn other drivers when you brake heavily.
  • Protecting and securing your car from thieves - the KA+ comes with remote control door locks and a Thatcham-approved 3 star security system. This includes a perimeter alarm and a double deadlock system. With double deadlocks the doors cannot be opened from the inside even if someone's attempted entry by breaking a side window.
  • Helping to keep children safe - the KA+ is designed to help keep young children safe and secure on every journey. It comes with rear ISOFIX child seat attachment points, so you can easily fit 2 child seats.
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  • Set a temperature to suit you - With optional Electronic Automatic Temperature Control, you just select the exact interior temperature you like and the system maintains it with advanced air conditioning.
  • Extra comfort with heated seats - take away the chill on winter mornings with heated front seats. Press the button and they maintain a comfortably warm seat temperature for as long as you like.
  • Smart storage for smartphones - Device Dock is a thoughtful piece of design that stores your smartphone, MP3 player or navigation device so you can see it clearly without losing sight of the road. The docking station sits on top of the centre console and features a hinged lid that locks your device in position.
  • Worry-free car sharing with MyKey - it lets you set the maximum speed limit, a seatbelt reminder and even the volume of the audio system. The technology is designed to give you peace of mind if you lend your vehicle to a friend or family member, because you can programme the restrictions you want to set for that key. You can keep the unrestricted 'admin' key yourself and even have more than one of both if you want.
  • Wing mirrors that can protect themselves - to avoid accidental damage, power-foldable mirrors fold inwards when you're parked. Tucked back, they also protect the stylish integrated indicators.
  • Ford Easy Fuel, for foolproof filling-up - this useful technology makes it almost impossible to put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, because the wrong nozzle simply won't fit. Even better, as Ford Easy Fuel is a capless system, you'll never have to handle a dirty fuel cap again.
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  • Extra control during hill starts - hill start assist temporarily stops you rolling backwards or forwards when making a hill start. The system works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2-3 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator
  • Power-assisted steering that responds to every situation - electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) automatically adjusts to your speed and the conditions. At low speeds, the system makes wheel turns feel lighter and easier. At high speeds, when you need greater control, it firms up the steering.
  • Ford SYNC with Emergency Assistance - in the unlikely event of an accident, where the airbag is deployed or the fuel-pump deactivated, the technology can use a Bluetooth-paired and connected mobile phone to automatically make a direct call to the Emergency Services for you.
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Safety & Security
It's reassuring to know that KA+ uses advanced safety systems to protect you and your passengers.
  • Stay in control whatever the conditions - Electronic Stability Control constantly monitors your car's progress. It senses if an individual wheel loses grip and automatically applies a braking pulse, helping to stabilise it.
  • Maximum grip with minimum effort - an advanced Traction Control System eliminates excessive wheelspin and gives you the best possible grip, performance and stability, just when you need it most. It constantly monitors and adjusts the power delivered to the vehicle's individual wheels.
  • Airbags to shield you from all angles - in addition to the driver and passenger front airbags, side airbags provide thorax protection and are designed to direct the occupant away from the impact area. Curtain airbags provide maximum coverage and headrests offer protection from whiplash.
  • Warns you if your tyres lose pressure - with the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, sensors constantly monitor every wheel and alert you if there's a problem, so you can pull over, check it and either re-inflate the tyre or change the wheel.
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Comfort & Convenience
The New KA+ and KA+ Active include a range of smart technologies for a more comfortable drive. Available for the first time in KA+, SYNC 3 is our advanced infotainment system that connects you to your music and phone with simple voice commands or touchscreen.
  • Seamless technology you can control with your voice - Ford SYNC 3 is a state-of-the-art system that enables you to stay connected and control your phone, music and navigation system with intuitive voice commands, or a 6.5" touchscreen.
  • Clear your windscreen quickly, with Quickclear - this clever feature is designed to get you on the move quickly on frosty mornings. Just touch a button and ultra-thin filaments can superheat to de-ice, de-fog and de-mist your windscreen as well as help defrost the wipers.
  • Wipers that automatically adjust to the rain - rain-sensing wipers spring into action when they detect moisture on your windscreen, then adjust their speed to deal with whatever the weather throws at you.
  • Start your vehicle with the touch of a button - the New KA+ vehicle automatically senses the presence of its own unique key fob, even if it's in your pocket or bag. So just press the Ford Power Starter Button and the engine fires to life.
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