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Ford Focus RS for 2020, Rumours and News..

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Keep up to date with latest news on the Ford Focus RS with Haynes Ford.

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Ford are rumoured to be planning an even faster, more powerful and more efficient Focus RS for 2020 and will use the new mega-hatch to showcase a suite of 48V mild-hybrid technologies the company is introducing across its global medium and large-car ranges.

With the combination of its combustion and electric motors, the car’s power output is expected to exceed 400bhp, rivalling other manufacturer next-generation offerings. The new Focus RS, which has yet to be officially confirmed, would be based on the recently unveiled fourth generation Focus.

While improving the RS’s already impressive acceleration times and driving characteristics, the model’s new technology should dramatically cut both CO2 and toxic emissions to meet rapidly tightening world demands. European regulations require car makers to meet a 95g/km CO2 fleet average by 2021. The outgoing Focus RS emits 175g/km.

The new RS, based on the next-generation standard Focus is part of a 40-model Ford electrification offensive announced at the Detroit motor show early in 2018. At the show, the company announced a doubling of its spending commitment to £8.7 billion by 2022 and said it would spend the money both on new electric-only models and platforms (such as the Mustang-based Mach 1) and on updating many of its existing models to 48V hybrids from 2019.

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